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43 Small Kitchen Appliances You Need to Know

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen with some new appliances? Look no further! Our list of 43 small kitchen appliances has got you covered.

What Is a Rice Cooker and How Does It Work?

A rice cooker is a kitchen appliance designed to cook rice. It typically consists of a heating element, a cooking pot, and a thermostat. When you add rice..

Kitchen Appliances

Can You Put Ice Cubes in a Blender?

Learn if it's okay to put ice cubes in a blender, and discover the most effective ways to blend ice cubes for the best results.

Here Is Why Blenders Are So Expensive

This blog post explains why blenders are expensive due to materials, design, and advanced technology, brand name, marketing, assembly, distribution, research and development, and post-purchase services.

How to Prevent Limescale in Your Kettle

Learn how to prevent limescale from building up in your kettle and ways to maintain a limescale-free kettle with tips, products, and preventive measures.

How to Prevent Rust in Your Electric Kettle

Learn how to prevent rust formation in your electric kettle and effectively maintain its functionality and longevity with our expert tips and recommendations.

Mixer vs Blender - What's the Difference?

This blog post explains the similarities and differences between mixers and blenders by highlighting their primary functions, components, applications, blade technology, power, speed, capacity, maintenance, and cost.

What Are the Uses of a Blender?

Discover the different types of blenders, their uses, benefits to health, and tips for maintenance when you read this comprehensive blog post.

Home Organization

Here Is How Long It Takes to Declutter a House

Learn how long it typically takes to declutter a house along with various decluttering techniques that will help you maintain a minimalist and organized living space.

Here Is Why It Is Important to Organize Your Home

Learn the many reasons why organizing your home is so important to reduce stress, find things easily, increase productivity, and achieve an improved quality of life with tips from a professional home decorator and landscaper.

How Often Should You Declutter Your Home?

Learn how often to declutter your home and discover effective tips and steps to keep your living space tidy and clutter-free.

How to Declutter Your House in a Week

Learn how to declutter your house in a week with these simple yet effective tips from a professional home renovation specialist.

Pro Tips on How to Declutter a Hoarders House

Learn how to declutter a hoarder's house with these expert pro tips, strategies for sorting through items, and guidelines for managing clutter.

Essential Tips on How to Declutter Your Apartment

Learn essential tips for apartment decluttering - create space, increase productivity, and reduce stress with our expert guide.

Garden Tools

A Deep Dive Into the History of Garden Shovels: From Ancient Tools to Modern Innovations

Learn the fascinating history of garden shovels, how they have evolved over time, and their significance in modern-day gardening practices.

Garden Shovel Maintenance: Tips for Keeping Your Tool in Top Shape

Learn how to keep your garden shovel in top shape with these tips for gardening tool maintenance, including cleaning, sharpening, storage, rust prevention, handle and blade maintenance, and lubrication techniques.

Garden Shovel Materials: Pros and Cons of Metal, Wood, and Plastic Handles

Learn about the pros and cons of garden shovel handle materials, including metal, wood, and plastic, in this comprehensive guide by a home and garden expert.

Master the Art of Digging: A Comprehensive Guide to Garden Shovels

Learn how to choose and use the right garden shovel to make gardening a breeze with this comprehensive guide.

Shovel vs. Spade: Understanding the Key Differences for Your Gardening Needs

Learn about the key differences between shovels and spades for gardening and how to choose the right tool for different gardening tasks.

The Ultimate Garden Shovel Comparison: Which One Is Right for You?

Learn which garden shovel is right for you! This ultimate comparison guide of the top garden shovels includes user feedback and care tips.

Organic Gardening

Aromatic Pest Control: Using Fragrant Plants to Deter Garden Pests

Learn how to use fragrant plants like citronella, lemongrass, lavender, mint, basil, and rosemary to naturally repel pests in your garden.

Attracting Beneficial Insects: Nature's Pest Control in Organic Gardening

Learn how to attract beneficial insects to your garden for natural pest control in organic gardening - tips, companion planting, insect hotels, and more.

Beneficial Nematodes: Natural Allies in the Fight Against Pests

Learn how beneficial nematodes can be used as an eco-friendly and effective solution in the fight against pests in your garden or farm.

Biodiversity Boosters: Creating Wildlife Habitats in Your Organic Garden

Learn how to create a biodiverse garden that attracts wildlife with our expert-approved biodiversity boosters.

Biodynamic Gardening: An Integrative Approach to Organic Agriculture

Learn about biodynamic gardening and how it produces nutrient-dense food, promotes ecological harmony and biodiversity, and uses less water and energy than conventional farming from Scott, a professional landscaper and home renovation specialist.

Boosting Soil Fertility With Rock Dust: A Natural Mineral Supplement

Learn how to boost your soil fertility naturally with rock dust - a mineral supplement that will enhance plant growth and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers.

Container Gardening

Balcony Gardening: Tips for Creating a Lush, Private Oasis

Learn how to turn your balcony into a lush, private oasis with these easy balcony gardening tips from a home and garden expert.

Container Gardening 101: A Beginner's Guide to Small Space Gardening

Learn how to start a container garden with this beginner-friendly guide. Discover the best plants, containers and accessories, and how to care for your crops.

Container Gardening for Shady Spots: Plants That Thrive in Low Light

Learn the secrets of planting low light container gardens with my step-by-step guide and advice on which plant species thrive in shady spots.

Container Gardening With Succulents: Easy Care and Drought-Tolerant Plants

Learn how to easily care for and grow drought-tolerant container gardens with succulents using these simple tips by a professional landscaper and home renovation specialist.

Creative Container Combinations: A Guide to Plant Pairings

Learn how to combine plants in creative and interesting ways with this guide to container gardening plant pairings, including tips, examples, and techniques.

DIY Window Boxes: Adding a Touch of Greenery to Your Home

Learn how to add a touch of greenery to your home with DIY window boxes by following these easy steps.

Indoor Gardening

A Guide to Variegated Houseplants: Add Interest and Texture to Your Indoor Collection

Learn how to incorporate variegated houseplants into your indoor collection with this guide, covering types, care, placement, and troubleshooting.

Child-Friendly Indoor Gardening: Cultivating a Green Thumb in Your Little Ones

Discover how to cultivate a green thumb in your little ones with this child-friendly indoor gardening guide, full of tips, tricks, and actionable steps for parents.

Creating a Plant-Centric Meditation Space: Connecting With Nature Indoors

Discover how to create a plant-centric meditation space with this guide, and learn how to connect with nature indoors, boost your mental and physical health, and enhance your mindfulness practice.

DIY Plant Stands: Stylish and Functional Displays for Your Indoor Garden

In this DIY plant stand guide, I take you through step-by-step instructions for creating stylish and functional displays for your indoor garden, using wood, metal frames, and other materials.

DIY Terracotta Pot Makeovers: Personalize Your Indoor Garden Containers

Easily transform your plain terracotta pots into personal statement pieces with these creative DIY ideas.

Houseplant Care by Season: Adapting Your Routine Throughout the Year

Learn how to take care of your houseplants according to the season with tips and tricks from a home and garden expert.

Vertical Gardening

10 Benefits of Vertical Gardening You'll Love

Learn about the top 10 benefits of vertical gardening, from space-saving and convenience to health, environmental, and food security benefits.

10 DIY Vertical Garden Projects for Beginners

Learn how to create stunning vertical gardens with these 10 beginner-friendly DIY projects - perfect for small spaces and big imaginations!

5 Steps to Install a Living Wall System

Learn how to install a beautiful and eco-friendly living wall system with these five easy steps, and enjoy a greener, fresher home.

5 Vertical Garden Ideas for Small Patios

Learn how to create beautiful and functional gardens on small patios with these 5 vertical garden ideas.

7 Edible Plants Perfect for Vertical Gardens

Learn about 7 edible plants that are perfect for vertical gardens, how to grow them and their nutritional benefits in this post by a home and garden enthusiast.

A Beginners Guide to Aquaponic Vertical Gardens

Learn how to create a beautiful and functional aquaponic vertical garden with this beginner's guide, from setting up to maintenance and troubleshooting.

Water-Wise Gardening

A Guide to Drought-Tolerant Shade Trees

Learn about drought-tolerant shade trees with this comprehensive guide that includes factors to consider, tree types, benefits, planting and maintenance tips, and more!

A Guide to Water-Wise Garden Design Principles

Learn how to design a water-wise garden with our expert guide featuring soil amendments, plant selection, irrigation systems and more.

A Guide to Water-Wise Garden Path Materials

Learn about the best water-wise materials for your garden paths and how to install and maintain them for a functional and environmentally-friendly landscape design - this guide from a home and garden enthusiast will help you choose the right option.

A Guide to Water-Wise Groundcovers for Shady Areas

Learn about the best water-wise groundcovers for shady areas for an eco-friendly yet beautiful outdoor space with Scott, a professional landscaper and home renovation specialist.

Attract Pollinators With a Water-Wise Garden

Learn how to attract pollinators to your water-wise garden with tips on choosing plants, designing the garden, conserving water, and providing shelter – making your garden eco-friendly, beautiful, and functional!

Best Drought-Tolerant Plants for Privacy Screening

Learn about the best drought-tolerant plants for privacy screening, including bamboos, grasses, succulents, shrubs, and trees, to create a low-maintenance and water-efficient solution for your garden.


5 Key Permaculture Ethics for a Better World

Learn about the 5 key permaculture ethics for a better world, including care for the earth, care for people, fair share, use of resources, and designing for sustainability.

7 Permaculture Design Principles for Beginners

Learn the 7 permaculture design principles to get started with creating sustainable gardens and homes.

Adaptive Permaculture Design for Changing Climates

Learn about adaptive permaculture design principles and how they can help build more resilient communities in the face of a changing climate.

Aquaponics and Permaculture: A Sustainable Union

Learn about the benefits of combining aquaponics and permaculture to create a sustainable and efficient system for food production in your home or on a larger farm.

Balancing Wildlife and Livestock in Permaculture

This blog post explores the benefits of permaculture livestock and techniques for balancing wildlife and livestock for conservation biodiversity.

Biochar: Enhancing Soil Health in Permaculture

Learn about the benefits of using biochar in permaculture and agriculture practices, including its impact on soil fertility, structure, greenhouse gas emissions, and biodiversity.

Composting and Soil Health

5 Common Composting Mistakes to Avoid for Healthy Soil

Learn how to avoid 5 common composting mistakes to achieve healthy soil and a nutrient-rich garden - read now for expert tips!

5 Steps to Transform Your Lawn Into a Nutrient-Rich Garden

Transform your dull lawn into a nutrient-rich garden with these 5 simple steps for a healthier and more eco-friendly home.

5 Tips for Composting in Dry or Drought Conditions

Learn how to compost in dry or drought conditions with these five essential tips from a home and garden expert.

5 Ways Composting Encourages Beneficial Insects in Your Garden

Learn how composting can help encourage beneficial insects in your garden - read our post now!

6 Creative Composting Ideas for Small Spaces and Urban Gardens

Learn how you can compost in small spaces and urban gardens with these six creative ideas, and start creating beautiful, nutritious soil for your plants today!

7 Signs of Healthy Soil: A Guide for Compost Enthusiasts

Learn the 7 signs of healthy soil that all compost enthusiasts should look for to have a thriving garden!

Heirloom and Rare Plants

A Guide to Cultivating Rare & Unique Plant Varieties

Learn how to cultivate rare and unique plant varieties with this comprehensive guide covering everything from choosing the right plants to pest and disease management.

A Guide to Rare & Heirloom Plants for Rock Gardens

Learn how to incorporate rare and heirloom plants in your rock garden with this comprehensive guide, including care tips and design ideas.

A Guide to Rare & Heirloom Shade-Loving Plants

Learn about unique and heirloom shade-loving plants for your garden with this comprehensive guide, including tips for garden design and plant maintenance.

A Guide to Sourcing Rare & Heirloom Plant Seeds

Learn how to find and grow rare & heirloom plant seeds in your garden with this comprehensive guide.

A Journey Through Heirloom & Rare Apple Cultivars

Learn about the history, cultivation, and cooking of heirloom and rare apple cultivars with Scott, a passionate home and garden expert.

A World of Unusual Veggies: Heirloom & Rare Edibles

Discover the world of rare and unusual veggies and learn about their nutritional and culinary benefits, as well as the environmental and economic advantages of growing them.

Wildlife-Friendly Gardening

Attracting Foxes: The Benefits of Urban Wildlife

Learn the benefits of attracting urban foxes in your garden. Discover tips for attracting and feeding urban foxes and managing encounters with city wildlife.

Attracting Hummingbirds: The Perfect Wildlife Garden Layout

Learn how to attract hummingbirds by creating the perfect wildlife garden with these expert tips and tricks from a professional landscaper and home renovation specialist.

Attracting Moths: Nighttime Wildlife Gardening

Attract pollinators and bring your garden to life with these tips for attracting moths to your garden.

Attracting Owls: Creating a Nocturnal Wildlife Garden

Learn how to create a nocturnal wildlife garden and attract owls to your home with this step-by-step guide - the perfect resource for wildlife enthusiasts and gardeners alike!

Attracting Raptors: Gardening for Birds of Prey

Learn how to create a welcoming habitat for birds of prey and attract them to your garden with this comprehensive guide by a home and garden expert.

Attracting Songbirds: Planting the Right Shrubs

Learn how to attract songbirds to your yard with the right native shrubs and these expert tips from a professional landscaper and home renovation specialist.

Edible Landscaping

10 Stunning Edible Landscape Designs for Your Home

Learn how to design, grow, and maintain a beautiful and sustainable edible landscape garden at home with this guide full of tips, design plans, and easy-to-grow plants and recipes.

5 Budget-Friendly Edible Landscaping Ideas

Learn how to create a beautiful and affordable edible landscape with these 5 budget-friendly landscaping ideas.

5 Edible Landscaping Projects for Community Spaces

Learn about 5 edible landscaping projects that will enhance community spaces- from raised vegetable garden beds to fruit tree orchards.

5 Essential Edible Plants for Pollinator Gardens

This blog post outlines the 5 best edible plants to include in your pollinator garden, along with tips for maintenance, care, and culinary uses.

5 Key Principles of Edible Landscape Design

Learn the 5 key principles of edible landscape design, including starting with the soil, incorporating perennials, utilizing water efficiently, designing for accessibility, and more, to create a beautiful and functional space in your home garden.

6 Delicious Edible Landscape Ideas for Seniors

Learn how to create an edible landscape for seniors with these 6 delicious ideas for gardening and growing food.

Urban Gardening

Affordable Urban Gardening: Tips for Growing on a Budget

In this blog post, I will share some tips and tricks to help you grow your own garden in an urban environment without breaking the bank.

Apartment Composting: Recycling Waste for Urban Gardens

Learn how to recycle waste and turn it into valuable compost material to grow your own urban garden with our guide on apartment composting.

City Garden Accessibility: Making Gardening Inclusive

Learn how to make gardening accessible for all: Check out our guide to creating inclusive garden spaces for differently-abled people of all ages!

City Garden Air Purification: Plants for Cleaner Indoor Air

Learn about the top air-purifying indoor plants for cleaner city garden air and improved indoor air quality with this informative blog post.

City Garden Allotments: Growing Food in Shared Spaces

Learn about the benefits of community garden allotments, how to get involved and maintain your own allotment plot, choosing and caring for plants, and ways to give back to your community while promoting sustainability and healthy living.

City Garden Beneficial Insects: Encouraging Natural Pest Control

Learn how to encourage natural pest control in your city garden with beneficial insects like ladybugs, lacewings, and hoverflies while supporting a healthy and diverse ecosystem.

Garden Design and Planning

Balcony Gardening: Maximize Your Small Space

Maximize your small space with these balcony gardening tips and turn your home into a natural oasis.

Biodynamic Gardening: The Future of Garden Design

Learn about biodynamic gardening and how it can transform your garden design with minimal maintenance through sustainable practices.

Container Gardening: Designs for Patios & Balconies

Discover beautiful and functional container gardening designs for patios and balconies - tips, plant selection, and more.

Creating a Bee Garden: Planning for Pollination

Learn how to create a bee garden that is pollinator-friendly and benefits your local ecosystem with our expert tips and advice.

Creating a Blue Garden: A Cool Design Palette

Learn how to create a beautiful blue garden and cool design palette with tips and ideas for choosing blue plants, designing the blue garden, and maintaining it for long-term sustainability.

Creating a Carnivorous Plant Garden: A Unique Design

Learn how to create and maintain a unique carnivorous plant garden with this comprehensive guide, including tips on plant selection, feeding, soil, and pest control.

Seasonal Gardening

Adapting Traditional Garden Styles to Your Climate

Learn how to adapt traditional garden styles to your climate with tips and case studies from a home and garden expert.

Aquaponics: A Revolutionary Approach to Year-Round Gardening

Learn how you can grow organic herbs and vegetables while farming fish without chemicals or fertilizers with aquaponics gardening.

Autumn Herbs: Extend Your Harvest Season

In this blog post, I share tips for preserving and extending your harvest season of autumn herbs to create delicious recipes that provide health benefits.

Autumn Leaves: Preparing Your Garden for Fall

Learn how to prepare your garden for fall with these useful tips and tricks, from clearing out debris to identifying pests and diseases.

Backyard Birding: Encourage Feathered Friends Year-Round

Learn how to encourage feathered friends all year round with our backyard birding tips, including providing food and water, creating habitats, and identifying different bird species.

Balcony Gardening: A Year-Round Urban Oasis

Learn how to create a year-round urban oasis with our tips on balcony gardening, from choosing the right plants and soil to troubleshooting common issues.

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