Seasonal Gardening

Adapting Traditional Garden Styles to Your Climate

Learn how to adapt traditional garden styles to your climate with tips and case studies from a home and garden expert.

Aquaponics: A Revolutionary Approach to Year-Round Gardening

Learn how you can grow organic herbs and vegetables while farming fish without chemicals or fertilizers with aquaponics gardening.

Autumn Herbs: Extend Your Harvest Season

In this blog post, I share tips for preserving and extending your harvest season of autumn herbs to create delicious recipes that provide health benefits.

Autumn Leaves: Preparing Your Garden for Fall

Learn how to prepare your garden for fall with these useful tips and tricks, from clearing out debris to identifying pests and diseases.

Backyard Birding: Encourage Feathered Friends Year-Round

Learn how to encourage feathered friends all year round with our backyard birding tips, including providing food and water, creating habitats, and identifying different bird species.

Balcony Gardening: A Year-Round Urban Oasis

Learn how to create a year-round urban oasis with our tips on balcony gardening, from choosing the right plants and soil to troubleshooting common issues.

Battling Pests: Seasonal Strategies for a Healthy Garden

Learn how to keep your garden healthy all year round with these seasonal strategies for pest control, including natural, biological, chemical, and integrated methods, as well as companion planting tips.

Bee-Friendly Gardening: Keeping Pollinators Happy

Learn how to create a beautiful and bee-friendly garden, attract hummingbirds, avoid pesticides and support pollinators with these gardening tips.

Blooming Seasons: When to Expect Floral Splendor

Learn when your favorite flowers will bloom with this guide to the blooming seasons of different plants, along with tips on how to plan your garden for every season.

Bonsai Care: Keeping Miniature Trees Healthy Year-Round

Learn how to keep your bonsai trees healthy all year long with expert tips from a professional home and garden enthusiast.

Choosing the Right Fertilizer for Each Season

Learn how to choose the best fertilizer for your garden with this helpful guide to fertilizing each season.

Cold Frames and Cloches: Extend Your Growing Season

Learn all about cold frames and cloches and how they can help extend your gardening season in this comprehensive guide!

Cold-Weather Composting: A Winter Guide

Learn how to compost during the winter months with our comprehensive guide on cold-weather composting.

Companion Planting: Seasonal Pairing for Growth

Learn about seasonal pairing for growth in my companion planting guide, where I’ll share tips, plant pairings, pest control, enrichment methods and more!

Companion Planting: Year-Round Pairs for Success

Learn about the technique of companion planting with this helpful guide by Scott, a home and garden expert, to achieve a healthy garden and maximize your harvest.

Composting in Winter: Keep the Cycle Going

Learn how to properly compost in winter and keep the cycle going with these helpful tips for keeping a healthy compost pile all year long.

Conservation Gardening: Protecting Resources All Year

Learn how to create a beautiful garden while protecting natural resources with these tips for conservation gardening from a professional landscaper and home renovation specialist.

Container Gardening: A Solution for Every Season

This blog post outlines the necessary conditions for successful container gardening in all seasons, including soil and fertilizer, watering, drainage, plant selection, maintenance, and creative ideas.

Creating a Butterfly Garden: Attracting Pollinators Year-Round

Learn how to create a butterfly garden and attract pollinators all year round with our expert guide and tips.

Creating a Cutting Garden: Fresh Flowers Year-Round

Learn how to create a cutting garden, with this guide that covers everything you need to know, from choosing the right location to caring for your flowers, and harvesting them all year long.

Creating a Rock Garden: Low Maintenance and Beautiful

Learn how to create an eye-catching and low-maintenance rock garden with this ultimate guide by a passionate home and garden enthusiast.

Creating Year-Round Color With Flowering Shrubs

Learn how to choose, plant, and care for flowering shrubs that provide year-round color in your garden with this comprehensive guide from a home and garden expert.

Decorating Your Garden for the Seasons

Learn how to decorate your garden for the seasons with these inspiring ideas to create beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces year-round.

DIY Garden Decor: Seasonal Ideas for Charm

Get inspired and give your garden a charming look with these budget-friendly DIY garden decor ideas for all seasons!

Drought-Tolerant Gardening: Surviving the Dry Seasons

Learn how to create a drought-tolerant garden with this comprehensive guide from a home and garden enthusiast with years of experience.

Edible Flowers: A Seasonal Guide to Garden Delicacies

Learn everything you need to know about edible flowers, from growing them to cooking with them, in this seasonal guide by Scott, a home and garden enthusiast with years of experience in horticulture, interior design, and home improvement.

Edible Landscaping: Delicious Gardens for Every Season

Learn how to create a beautiful landscape to enjoy year round with a range of edible plants for every season and sustainable gardening practices.

Edible Perennials: Enjoy Harvests Year After Year

Learn how to create an edible perennial garden and enjoy delicious harvests year after year.

Evergreen vs Deciduous: What to Plant and When

Learn the differences between evergreen and deciduous trees and when to plant each type to ensure your home and garden looks beautiful all year round with tips from a home and garden enthusiast.

Exotic Plants: Adapting to Different Seasonal Needs

Learn about how exotic plants adapt to different seasonal needs and explore beautiful examples of tropical, desert, and temperate exotic plants.

Fairy Gardens: Magical Miniature Landscapes Year-Round

Learn how to create magical miniature landscapes with fairy gardens and discover the benefits of stress reduction, creativity, and unique décor for your home and office.

Fall Cleanup: Preparing Your Garden for Winter

Learn how to prepare your garden for the winter with these fall cleanup tips and tricks from a professional landscaper.

Fall Gardening: What to Plant for Autumn Harvest

Discover the best vegetables and herbs to plant in the fall with our guide to fall gardening for the autumn harvest.

From Barren to Bountiful: Reviving Dead Soil

Revitalize your barren soil and start growing lush, healthy plants with this comprehensive guide to reviving soil.

Garden Planning: A Year-Round Checklist

Learn how to plan a garden year-round with this helpful checklist from Scott, an experienced home and garden enthusiast.

Garden-to-Table: Seasonal Recipes From the Garden

Learn how to create delicious, seasonal recipes straight from your garden with these garden-to-table recipes for every season – perfect for any home and garden enthusiast!

Gardening for Mental Health: A Seasonal Approach

Learn how gardening can improve your mental health and find inspiration for a seasonal approach to gardening in this comprehensive guide by a home and garden expert.

Gardening for Seniors: Seasonal Tips and Tricks

Learn about easy-to-grow seasonal plants, soil preparation, watering techniques, managing pests and weeds, garden tools, harvesting techniques, and more for gardening seniors in this post.

Gardening on a Budget: Seasonal Money-Saving Tips

Learn how to save money while gardening with these seasonal budget-friendly gardening tips from a professional landscaper and home renovation specialist.

Gardening With Kids: Seasonal Learning and Fun

Learn the benefits of gardening with your kids, planning your garden, fun activities to try with your children, and more in this valuable guide.

Gardening With Native Plants: A Seasonal Guide

Learn how to use native plants to create a beautiful garden year-round with this seasonal guide by a home and garden enthusiast.

Growing Microgreens: Year-Round Indoor Gardening

Learn how to grow microgreens year-round with this comprehensive guide to indoor gardening, written by a home and garden enthusiast with years of experience in horticulture and landscaping.

Hanging Baskets: Blooming Beauty All Year Round

Learn how to create beautiful hanging baskets all year round with this comprehensive guide covering everything from choosing the right plants and materials to hanging basket maintenance and placement.

Harvesting Happiness: Tips for Seasonal Produce

This blog post offers tips for harvesting happiness: discover the advantages of eating seasonal and locally grown produce, as well as popular recipe ideas and storage techniques.

Holiday Gardening: Festive Plants for Special Occasions

This article provides tips on growing and caring for popular holiday plants to add a festive touch to your home and garden.

Horticultural Therapy: Gardening for Health and Wellness

Learn all about the benefits of horticultural therapy, garden design, setting up therapeutic gardens, who can benefit from it and how to pursue a career in it.

Hot Pepper Gardening: A Spicy Year-Round Hobby

Learn how to plant, grow, and harvest spicy hot peppers year-round with this beginner's guide to hot pepper gardening, written by a home and garden specialist with years of experience and knowledge.

How to Design a Year-Round Garden

Learn how to design a year-round garden with tips on selecting plants, planning your garden layout, soil maintenance, irrigation, pest control, and winterizing your garden.

Hydrangeas: Year-Round Care for Stunning Blooms

Learn how to care for your hydrangeas year-round to achieve stunning, healthy blooms - our guide provides tips on planting, fertilizing, pruning, pest control, winter care, watering, and propagation!

Hydroponic Gardening: Soil-Free Cultivation Year-Round

Learn how to create a soil-free hydroponic garden year-round with greater yield and faster growth of plants, without pesticides and herbicides, and efficiency in crop production.

Incorporating Water Features in Your Year-Round Garden

In this blog post, I will share my tips and advice on how to incorporate water features in your garden throughout the year.

Indoor Herb Gardening: Fresh Flavors Year-Round

Learn how to start and maintain an indoor herb garden in containers throughout the year, with this guide to choosing the right herbs, containers, and lighting, and maintaining the health and longevity of your herbs.

Indoor-Outdoor Gardening: Enjoying Plants Year-Round

Learn how to create an indoor-outdoor garden for year-round enjoyment with expert tips and advice from a home and garden specialist.

Kid-Friendly Gardening: Fun Projects for Each Season

This post provides fun and educational gardening projects for kids to enjoy each season of the year while learning about nature.

Kitchen Window Gardening: Fresh Herbs Year-Round

Learn how to start your own kitchen window garden and have fresh herbs year-round with these easy tips and tricks.

Maintaining a Healthy Compost Pile Year-Round

Learn how to maintain a healthy compost pile year-round with expert tips on choosing the right location, adding the right materials, and more!

Mastering Mulch: Seasonal Tips and Tricks

Discover how to use mulch to improve the health and beauty of your garden all year round with these seasonal tips and tricks.

Maximize Your Yield: Crop Rotation by Season

Learn how to maximize your yield for each season by practicing effective crop rotation - a helpful guide by home and garden expert, Scott.

Mediterranean Gardening: Year-Round Sun-Loving Plants

Create a Mediterranean-inspired garden with these top sun-loving plants for year-round beauty and interest, plus tips for design, maintenance and pest control.

Microgreens: Indoor Gardening for Every Season

Learn how to grow microgreens year-round with this beginner-friendly guide, including tips for choosing seeds, preparing, planting, and using microgreens in your cooking.

Moon Gardening: Lunar Influence on Planting Seasons

Learn about the benefits of moon gardening, planting techniques, crops to grow for a bountiful harvest, and common misconceptions about it in our latest blog post.

Orchid Care: Maintaining Blooms Throughout the Year

Learn how to maintain blooms throughout the year with these tips and strategies on orchid care from a professional landscaper and home renovation specialist.

Organic Composting: The Key to Year-Round Gardening

Learn how to create organic compost for year-round gardening. Find out about the benefits of organic composting, maintenance tips, and more!

Organic Gardening: Seasonal Fertilizer Guide

Learn how to grow healthy plants in your organic garden with our seasonal fertilizer guide - get tips for spring, summer, fall and winter!

Organic Pest Control: Seasonal Strategies

Learn how to control pests organically through different seasons with our seasonal strategies!

Organic Weed Control: Year-Round Strategies

This blog post explores year-round strategies for effective organic weed control, including mechanical control, cultural methods, hand-pulling, companion planting, and scheduling.

Plant Propagation: Creating New Plants Year-Round

Learn the benefits and easy steps for different plant propagation techniques such as seed propagation, grafting, and more, from a pro home and garden enthusiast with years of experience.

Pollinators’ Paradise: Encouraging Wildlife All Year

Learn how to create a pollinator garden and attract diverse wildlife to your home all year round - check out our tips!

Practical Permaculture: Seasonal Strategies for Success

Learn how to apply practical seasonal strategies to your permaculture garden with this comprehensive guide.

Preserving Perennials: Keeping Your Garden Lush All Year

This post provides great advice to keep your garden lush throughout the year by preserving perennials.

Preserving Your Harvest: Enjoy Garden Goodies All Year

Learn the best methods and techniques for preserving your harvest and keep enjoying your garden goodies all year long.

Preventing Plant Diseases: A Seasonal Guide

Learn how to prevent plant diseases and keep your garden healthy with this seasonal guide by a professional landscaper and home renovation specialist.

Rainy Season Gardening: Embracing the Wet

Learn how to embrace the wet and create a beautiful garden with these rainy season gardening tips for the home.

Raised Bed Gardening: Seasonal Planning and Planting

This blog post will walk you through the seasonal planning and planting process for a successful raised bed vegetable garden - a beginner's guide.

Redefining Seasons: Indoor Gardening Year-Round

Learn how to redefine seasons by mastering the art of indoor gardening and growing fresh herbs and vegetables year-round, along with tips on choosing the right plants, lighting, temperature, and humidity control.

Rooftop Gardening: A Year-Round Urban Oasis

Learn how to create a stunning rooftop garden, no matter the season, and transform your urban space into a green oasis with these tips from a home and garden expert.

Seasonal Allergies: Choosing Hypoallergenic Garden Plants

Learn how to reduce the effects of seasonal allergies with hypoallergenic garden plants and other strategies.

Seasonal Checklist: Keep Your Garden Thriving

Learn how to care for your garden with expert tips from a professional landscaper and home renovation specialist. Don't miss out on the seasonal checklist to keep your garden thriving!

Seasonal Gardening Tips for Urban Dwellers

Learn how to garden in small urban spaces with these seasonal gardening tips from a professional landscaper and home renovation specialist.

Seasonal Lawn Care: Keep Your Turf Healthy

Learn the best seasonal lawn care tips - from aeration to watering, fertilization to pest control - to keep your turf healthy and green with our expert advice!

Seasonal Secrets of a Professional Landscaper

Learn professional landscaper Scott's top seasonal secrets to maintain your garden all year round.

Seasonal Soil Prep: Perfecting Your Garden Bed

Learn the must-know seasonal soil prep techniques for gardening success - tips from a professional landscaper and home renovation specialist with years of experience.

Seasonal Solutions for Garden Pests and Diseases

Learn how to manage garden pests and diseases with effective seasonal solutions and techniques - improve your gardening skills today!

Seasonal Sowing: Planting Annuals at the Right Time

Learn how to plant annuals at the right time for your climate and extend their lifespan by following these seasonal sowing tips and maintenance guidelines for a beautiful and functional home garden.

Sensory Gardens: Enjoyment for Every Season

Learn how to plan and create a sensory garden to enjoy every season. Discover the benefits of sensory gardens and maintenance tips.

Shade Gardening: Seasonal Plants for Lower Light

Learn the best seasonal plants for lower light shade gardening in this comprehensive guide by a horticulturist and landscaping expert, Scott.

Small Space, Big Impact: Balcony Gardening Year-Round

Learn how to plan and maintain a year-round balcony garden with essential tips, vertical garden ideas, plant suggestions, and more in this blog post by a horticulture expert.

Spring Bulbs: A Guide to Successful Planting

Learn how to successfully plant and care for spring bulbs with this comprehensive guide by Scott, a professional landscaper and home renovation specialist.

Spring Gardening: Kick-Start Your Growing Season

Get ready to start your spring gardening with these tips and tricks for garden preparation, plant selection, seed starting, watering, pest control, and maintenance.

Spring Into Action: Tips for March Gardening

Learn how to plan, prepare, plant, and maintain your garden in March with tips from a top home and garden expert.

Success With Succulents: Year-Round Care Guide

Learn how to care for your succulents all year round! Follow this guide from a horticulture expert to create healthy and thriving plants in your indoor garden.

Summer Gardening: Protecting Plants From Heat

Learn how to protect your plants during the hot summer months with these easy gardening tips from a professional landscaper.

Summer Succulents: Heat-Tolerant Plants That Shine

Learn about heat-tolerant summer succulents in our guide and brighten up your home or garden space with these low-maintenance beauties.

Summer Sun & Soil: Gardening Tips for June

Discover expert gardening tips for June, including soil preparation, plant selection, watering, mulching, pest control, pruning, and harvesting.

Sustainable Watering Techniques for Every Season

Learn how to conserve water and keep your garden beautiful all year round with sustainable watering techniques from a home and garden expert.

Terrarium Gardening: Greenery in Any Season

Learn about the simplicity and benefits of terrarium gardening, and how to create your own green paradise all year round.

The Art of Pruning: Seasonal Care for Shrubs

Learn the art of pruning shrubs seasonally with our step-by-step guide to achieve a clean cut and healthy regrowth; read more on our blog post!

The Beginner’s Guide to Seasonal Gardening

Learn how the right seasonal gardening techniques can transform your home garden - from planting tips to pruning best practices.

Using Garden Apps for Seasonal Success

Learn about the best garden planning apps for designing a garden, identifying plants and weeds, tracking weather conditions, managing irrigation, fertilization, pest control, and harvesting.

Using Greenhouses for Year-Round Cultivation

Learn how to use greenhouses for year-round cultivation and discover the benefits, different types, heating and cooling methods, irrigation, crop selection, harvesting, marketing, and more!

Vertical Gardening: Maximizing Space Year-Round

Learn how to utilize small spaces and maximize your year-round produce with vertical gardening tips from a professional landscaper and home renovation specialist.

Wildlife-Friendly Gardening: Encouraging Biodiversity

Learn how to encourage biodiversity in your garden and attract wildlife with our wildlife-friendly gardening guide, including tips on choosing plants, avoiding harmful chemicals, creating habitats, and more.

Winter Berries: Adding Color to Your Garden

This blog post provides tips on how to plant and care for winter berries, as well as ideas for companion planting and using winter berries in the landscape.

Winter Blooms: Brightening Up Cold Months

Learn how to add color to your winter garden with our guide to the best winter blooming plants, cold hardy annuals, and indoor plants that thrive in the colder months.

Winter Fruits: Creating a Cold-Weather Orchard

Learn how to create a successful cold-weather orchard and enjoy winter fruits with this guide.

Winter Vegetables: Cool-Season Crops for Your Garden

Learn about the best winter vegetables to grow in your garden and enjoy fresh and healthy produce throughout the winter season with tips and tricks from our expert.

Winter Wonders: How to Garden in December

Learn how to garden during the winter months with this simple guide full of tips and tricks for preparing, planting, and harvesting a thriving winter garden.

Winter-Proof Your Garden: Essential Tips

Protect your garden and plants this winter with our essential tips on soil preparation, plant protection, drainage, pest prevention, garden equipment, winter planting and emergency preparedness.

Xeriscaping: Gardening With Less Water Year-Round

Learn how to conserve water and create a beautiful, sustainable garden with xeriscaping - a popular technique for gardening with less water year-round.

Year-Round Vegetable Gardening: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn everything you need to know about year-round vegetable gardening in this comprehensive guide, from choosing the right location to managing pests and disease.

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