Edible Landscaping

10 Stunning Edible Landscape Designs for Your Home

Learn how to design, grow, and maintain a beautiful and sustainable edible landscape garden at home with this guide full of tips, design plans, and easy-to-grow plants and recipes.

5 Budget-Friendly Edible Landscaping Ideas

Learn how to create a beautiful and affordable edible landscape with these 5 budget-friendly landscaping ideas.

5 Edible Landscaping Projects for Community Spaces

Learn about 5 edible landscaping projects that will enhance community spaces- from raised vegetable garden beds to fruit tree orchards.

5 Essential Edible Plants for Pollinator Gardens

This blog post outlines the 5 best edible plants to include in your pollinator garden, along with tips for maintenance, care, and culinary uses.

5 Key Principles of Edible Landscape Design

Learn the 5 key principles of edible landscape design, including starting with the soil, incorporating perennials, utilizing water efficiently, designing for accessibility, and more, to create a beautiful and functional space in your home garden.

6 Delicious Edible Landscape Ideas for Seniors

Learn how to create an edible landscape for seniors with these 6 delicious ideas for gardening and growing food.

6 Edible Aquatic Plants for Your Water Garden

Learn about the top 6 edible aquatic plants to grow in your water garden and add some additional nutrition and a pop of color to your outdoor space.

7 Easy-to-Grow Edible Perennials for Your Garden

Learn about the 7 easy-to-grow edible perennials for your garden, and discover the benefits of growing them in this informative article by a professional landscaper and home renovation specialist.

7 Edible Landscaping Ideas for Front Yards

Transform your front yard into an edible garden oasis with these seven creative landscaping ideas that are both functional and beautiful!

7 Inspiring Edible Landscaping Podcasts to Follow

Discover the top seven edible landscaping podcasts hosted by experts passionate about growing food and turning ordinary gardens into lush edible paradises.

A Guide to Edible Landscaping for Beginners

Learn how to create a beautiful and functional edible landscape with this beginner's guide that covers everything from site selection to plant selection, design, soil preparation, maintenance, and harvest.

Aromatic Edible Plants for Fragrant Landscapes

Learn how to enhance your landscaping with aromatic edible plants that offer multiple benefits such as delicious flavors, culinary usage, health benefits, natural repellents and natural remedies, following the instructions and tips provided by Scott, a home and garden expert.

Attracting Wildlife With Edible Landscaping

Learn how to attract birds, bees, butterflies, and other pollinators to your garden with edible landscaping and create a beautiful, functional space at home!

Balcony Gardening: Edible Landscaping in High-Rises

Learn how to create a beautiful and functional balcony garden with edible landscaping ideas for high-rise spaces.

Cold-Hardy Edible Plants for Cooler Climates

Learn about the best cold-hardy edible plants that can survive in cooler climates and take the next steps to inspire and provide you the information you need to create the best home garden.

Companion Planting for a Bountiful Edible Garden

This blog post about companion planting in your garden offers expert tips and examples for getting started with companion planting to increase yield, control pests, and improve soil health.

Container Gardening: Edible Plants for Small Spaces

Learn about the top edible plants suitable for small container gardens and discover tips and tricks for successful container gardening with this helpful guide.

Creating an Edible Landscape Sanctuary for Wildlife

Learn how to create your own edible landscape sanctuary for wildlife with our expert tips and advice.

Creating Edible Playgrounds for Children's Learning

Learn how to create edible playgrounds for children's learning, promoting healthy eating and developing a sense of responsibility in this comprehensive guide.

Culinary Herbs in Your Landscape: Flavor & Beauty

Learn how to select and grow popular culinary herbs, including basil, rosemary, thyme, and lavender, for both aesthetics and flavor in your landscape design.

DIY Edible Landscape: From Design to Harvest

Learn how to design and create your own edible landscape garden with this comprehensive DIY guide that covers everything from site selection and soil preparation to harvest and use.

Drought-Tolerant Edible Plants for Waterwise Gardens

Learn about the best drought-tolerant edible plants for waterwise gardens to save water and grow your own food.

Edible Flowers: Colorful & Tasty Additions to Your Garden

Discover the beauty and health benefits of edible flowers with tips for growing, cooking, and recipe ideas to spice up any meal.

Edible Ground Covers: Functional & Beautiful Choices

This blog post explores the benefits and uses of edible ground covers for functional and beautiful landscaping.

Edible Hedge Plants for Privacy & Bounty

This blog post explores how to create an edible hedge that offers both privacy and a bounty of fresh produce and includes tips for growing, maintaining, and harvesting your plants.

Edible Landscape Design Software: Plan Your Garden

Learn how to plan and design your garden using edible landscape design software with expert tips and recommendations in this informative blog post.

Edible Landscape Maintenance: Tips & Tricks

Learn how to properly maintain your edible landscape with these expert tips and tricks.

Edible Landscape Pest Control: Safe & Effective Methods

In this article, I, as a landscaping and home improvement expert, will explore the different types of natural and safe pest control approaches that will help you protect your edible landscape.

Edible Landscapes for Therapy & Healing Spaces

This blog post explores how edible landscapes can be used for therapy and healing spaces, and provides advice on designing and maintaining one.

Edible Landscaping & Biodiversity: A Win-Win

Learn how edible landscaping can help promote biodiversity and create beautiful outdoor spaces from a home and garden expert.

Edible Landscaping & Climate Change: Adapting to Shifts

Discover how edible landscaping can help mitigate climate change and how you can adapt your gardening activities to shifts in the environment to create beautiful and functional outdoor spaces.

Edible Landscaping & the Circular Economy

Learn about the benefits of edible landscaping and how it fits into the circular economy while exploring sustainability, social benefits, and zero waste practices.

Edible Landscaping as a Tool for Social Change

Learn how edible landscaping can bring social change by empowering low-income families to grow their own food, promoting sustainability, and fostering community connections.

Edible Landscaping for Birds, Bees & Butterflies

Learn how to create a wildlife-friendly garden with edible plants that attract birds, bees, and butterflies and make your home a nature oasis.

Edible Landscaping for Climate-Resilient Cities

Learn about the benefits of edible landscaping and how it contributes to climate-resilient cities in this guide written by a home and garden enthusiast with years of experience.

Edible Landscaping for Food Banks & Charities

Learn how to create edible landscapes to help food banks with fresh produce in this blog post on gardening by a horticulture and home improvement specialist.

Edible Landscaping for Hotels & Resorts: A Unique Attraction

Learn about the benefits, planning, maintenance, and success stories of introducing edible landscaping as a unique attraction in hotels and resorts to increase sustainability and revenue while offering fresher ingredients and an engaging experience to guests.

Edible Landscaping for Hummingbirds: Nectar & Shelter

Learn about edible landscaping for hummingbirds in this detailed guide, covering plant selection, placement, pest control, and more.

Edible Landscaping for Renters: Portable Gardens

Learn how to create a portable garden as a renter and explore the benefits of edible landscaping with tips from a home and garden expert.

Edible Landscaping for Renters: Tips & Tricks

Learn how you can transform your outdoor space into a productive edible landscape, even if you are renting.

Edible Landscaping for Restaurants & Cafes

This blog post provides insight on the advantages, design tips, maintenance and culinary uses of edible landscaping for restaurants and cafes.

Edible Landscaping for Schools & Educational Centers

Learn how edible landscaping can benefit schools and educational centers by providing nutrition and education opportunities, and how to get started with planning, curriculum integration, and maintenance.

Edible Landscaping for Shade: Thriving in Low Light

Learn how to create a thriving shade garden full of edible plants with sustainable gardening practices and design tips from a professional landscaper.

Edible Landscaping for Wheelchair Users: Accessibility

This blog post discusses the importance of accessibility in gardening for wheelchair users and provides tips on how to create an edible landscape that is easy to navigate and maintain.

Edible Landscaping for Zero Waste Living

Learn how edible landscaping can contribute to zero waste living by reducing food packaging waste and eliminating food transportation emissions, and get tips on planning, maintaining, and harvesting your edible garden.

Edible Landscaping in Public Spaces: Parks & Streets

Learn about the benefits and strategies for edible landscaping in public spaces such as parks and streets, and how to involve your community in making your city green, nourishing, and beautiful.

Edible Landscaping Tours: Travel & Inspiration

Discover the best edible landscaping tours around the world and get inspired to incorporate edible landscaping into your own space.

Edible Landscaping vs. Traditional Gardening: Pros & Cons

This blog post discusses the pros and cons of edible landscaping and traditional gardening, including their environmental, health, and economic impact.

Edible Landscaping: A Solution to Lawn Overuse

This blog post explores the concept of edible landscaping as a potential solution to lawn overuse, and provides tips on how to design, plant, and maintain edible landscapes.

Edible Ornamental Grasses for a Unique Landscape

Discover the unique aesthetic appeal, combined with the culinary benefits of growing and using edible ornamental grasses in your garden with this comprehensive guide by a landscaping specialist.

Food Forests: Mimicking Nature's Edible Landscapes

Learn about food forests and why they're an important part of sustainable living.

Fruit Trees for Small Spaces: Grow Your Own Orchard

Learn how to grow a fruit orchard in small spaces with dwarf fruit trees, container gardening, espalier fruit trees, multi-grafted fruit trees, and berry bushes, and expert tips for planning and caring for your orchard.

Gardening With Heirloom Plants: Taste & History

Learn the taste and history of growing heirloom plants with gardening expert Scott and discover why heirloom varieties are important to preserve.

Growing Edible Landscapes in Greenhouses & Hoop Houses

Learn how to grow food right outside of your doorstep by constructing your own backyard greenhouse or hoop house and start enjoying fresh produce all year round.

Growing Edible Plants for Pets: A Nutritious Treat

Learn how to grow edible plants for your furry friends and provide a nutritious treat that improves their health and digestion.

Growing Edible Vines for Vertical Landscaping

Learn how to grow edible vines for vertical landscaping and increase the aesthetic appeal of your garden while also producing more food in a space-saving way.

Harvesting Rainwater for Your Edible Landscape

Learn how to harvest rainwater for your edible landscape with tips from home and garden enthusiast and professional landscaper, Scott.

How to Create a Low-Maintenance Edible Landscape

Learn how to create an appealing low-maintenance edible landscape with this detailed guide by a professional landscaper and gardening enthusiast.

How to Create a Vertical Edible Landscape

Learn how to create a vertical edible landscape that will provide you with fresh produce and save space in your garden.

How to Create a Wildlife-Friendly Edible Landscape

Learn how to create an amazing wildlife-friendly edible landscape that attracts wildlife while providing delicious produce.

How to Design a Perennial Edible Landscape

Learn how to design your own perennial edible landscape with this step-by-step guide and harvest fresh produce for years to come.

How to Establish an Edible Landscape Business

Learn how to start an edible landscape business with this step-by-step guide that covers market research, business plan, sourcing plants and supplies, designing edible landscapes, marketing and sales, building a team and more.

How to Harvest & Store Your Edible Landscape Produce

Learn how to harvest and store your edible landscape produce with these tips from a home and garden expert.

How to Start an Edible Landscaping Meetup Group

Learn how to start an edible landscaping Meetup group with our step-by-step guide and create a community garden in your area!

How to Use Edible Landscaping for Privacy

Learn how to create privacy in your outdoor space with edible landscaping using the right crops and smart design tips.

Incorporating Berry Bushes Into Your Garden Design

Learn how to successfully incorporate berry bushes into your garden design with expert tips and advice from a professional landscaper and home renovation specialist.

Incorporating Edible Hardscaping Into Your Landscape

Learn how to save costs on produce, improve your landscape's aesthetics and your health by incorporating edible hardscaping into your garden.

Incorporating Edible Plants in Your Patio Design

Learn how to incorporate edible plants into your patio garden and boost your home's aesthetic appeal with this comprehensive guide from a home and garden expert!

Incorporating Livestock in Your Edible Landscape

Learn how to create a sustainable and productive edible landscape by incorporating livestock, such as chickens, rabbits, goats, and sheep, into your design.

Indoor Edible Landscaping: Bringing the Garden Inside

Learn how to cultivate and maintain an indoor edible garden that's perfect for snacking any time of year with this guide by home and garden expert Scott.

Kid-Friendly Edible Gardens: Engage & Educate

Teach your kids about gardening and nutrition with this guide to planning, designing, and implementing a kid-friendly edible garden in your backyard.

Native Edible Plants: Support Local Ecosystems

Discover the many benefits of using native edible plants in your cooking and why they are important for supporting local ecosystems.

No-Dig Gardening for Edible Landscapes

Learn about the benefits of no-dig gardening for edible landscapes with tips on planning, preparing soil, planting, and maintaining your garden for year-round harvesting.

Planning an Edible Garden for Year-Round Harvest

Learn how to plan and grow an edible garden year-round with these expert tips from a home and garden enthusiast.

Planning an Edible Landscape for Small Yards

Learn how to plan, design, and create an edible landscape in your small yard with our step-by-step guide.

Planting a Cocktail Garden: Edible Mixology

In this blog post, I'll share my knowledge and experience about planting a cocktail garden - including recipes and tips to make your garden a success.

Planting a Pizza Garden: Edible Landscaping Fun

Learn how to plant a fun and tasty pizza garden in your backyard with these easy-to-follow tips and techniques.

Planting a Salad Garden: Fresh Greens at Your Doorstep

Learn how to create a salad garden and enjoy fresh greens right at your doorstep with this step-by-step guide.

Preserving Your Edible Landscape Bounty

In this blog post, I will share with you the best practices for harvesting, preserving and storing the bounty from your edible landscape.

Rooftop Gardens: Growing Food in the Sky

Discover the benefits and advantages of rooftop gardens, including environmental, health, and economic benefits, as well as tips and strategies for starting and maintaining your own rooftop garden.

Seasonal Edible Landscaping: Enjoying Year-Round Harvest

Learn how to create a beautiful and functional garden with seasonal edible landscaping and enjoy a year-round harvest - all the tips you need in one article!

Selecting the Right Edible Plants for Your Region

Learn how to select the right edible plants for your region and discover successful tips on how to grow them in your home garden.

Starting an Edible Landscape Nursery: A Business Guide

Learn how to start and manage a profitable edible landscape nursery with this comprehensive business guide.

Tea Gardens: Growing Your Own Herbal Infusions

Learn how to grow your own tea in a dedicated tea garden with our comprehensive guide to selecting ideal locations, planting techniques, and harvesting and preparation tips.

The Art of Edible Landscaping: A Beginner's Guide

Learn how to create your own edible landscape with this beginner's guide, covering everything from planning and design to planting and harvesting.

The Benefits of Edible Landscaping in Urban Spaces

This blog post outlines the benefits of edible landscaping in urban spaces, including sustainability, fresh produce, community interaction, and more.

The Ethics of Edible Landscaping: Sustainability & Beauty

In this blog post, I'll explain what edible landscaping is, discuss the importance of sustainability and beauty and highlight the ethical considerations surrounding this increasingly popular and innovative gardening practice.

The Future of Edible Landscaping: Trends & Predictions

This blog post explores current and future trends in edible landscaping, covering topics such as urban gardening, technology, and permaculture.

The Healing Power of Medicinal Edible Plants

Discover the benefits and significance of medicinal edible plants, cultivating your own garden for healing properties, and incorporating it into your diet through this informative blog post.

The Intersection of Art & Food: Edible Landscaping

Learn how to design, plan and maintain your edible landscape while incorporating art and food to create beautiful, functional spaces with this guide from home and garden enthusiast Scott.

The Intersection of Edible Landscaping & Farm-to-Table

Discover the benefits and techniques of edible landscaping for farm-to-table practices, plus tips on how to design and integrate edible landscapes in your daily life.

The Role of Composting in Edible Landscapes

Learn how composting can contribute to healthy soil for your edible landscapes and the importance of sustainable agriculture practices.

The Role of Edible Landscaping in Biophilic Design

Discover how to create beautiful, healthy, and sustainable spaces in your home through the integration of biophilic design and edible landscaping.

The Role of Edible Landscaping in Permaculture

Learn about the importance of permaculture for sustainable agriculture, with a focus on the benefits and challenges of edible landscaping.

The Role of Mushrooms in Edible Landscaping

Learn about the benefits of mushrooms for your edible landscaping, soil preparation, and growing techniques in this informative blog post.

The Science of Soil: Edible Landscaping Success

Learn the science of soil and how to enrich your landscape through the guide on edible landscaping success.

Tips for Harvesting Edible Landscape Plants

Learn the best tips for harvesting edible landscape plants to maximize your yields and optimize your garden.

Tips for Pruning Your Edible Landscape Plants

Learn the basics of pruning your edible landscape plants and get tips from an experienced landscaper.

Top 10 Diverse Edible Plants for a Balanced Landscape

Discover top 10 diverse edible plants for a balanced landscape. Learn the benefits and tips of planting and maintaining these plants from a home and garden enthusiast.

Top 10 Nut Trees for Your Edible Landscape

Learn about the top 10 nut trees for your edible landscape, including hazelnut, pecan, almond, walnut, chestnut, macadamia, pistachio, and cashew trees, with tips for integrating them into your space.

Top 5 Edible Landscaping Design Books for Inspiration

Discover the top 5 edible landscaping design books for inspiration and learn how to create a beautiful and bountiful garden.

Top 7 Edible Shrubs for Your Landscape

Discover the top 7 edible shrubs for your landscape with this helpful guide, including their growing requirements, health benefits, and culinary uses.

Tropical Edible Landscapes: Exotic Flavors & Designs

Learn how you can create a beautiful and functional tropical edible landscape with exotic fruits and vegetables that offer healthy eating, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal.

Unusual Edible Plants: Taste & Texture Adventures

Discover the unique flavors and textures of unusual edible plants with our guide, including recipes and inspiration to try something new!

Using Edible Landscaping for Stormwater Management

Discover the benefits of edible landscaping for stormwater management, learn how to assess your site, design considerations and select plants to create beautiful and functional spaces in your home.

Using Edible Landscaping to Fight Food Insecurity

Discover how edible landscaping can help you fight food insecurity and nurture a sustainable environment at home.

Using Edible Landscaping to Reduce Food Miles

Learn how to reduce food miles and produce fresh produce by incorporating edible landscaping in your garden or community.

Using Espalier Techniques in Edible Landscaping

Learn how to create a beautiful edible garden using espalier techniques with our guide - tips, tricks, and tools included.

Winter Edible Landscaping: Beauty & Bounty

Transform your outdoor space into a flourishing winter garden with this guide to winter edible landscaping, featuring creative plant selection and tips for sustainable practices.

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