Indoor Gardening

A Guide to Variegated Houseplants: Add Interest and Texture to Your Indoor Collection

Learn how to incorporate variegated houseplants into your indoor collection with this guide, covering types, care, placement, and troubleshooting.

Child-Friendly Indoor Gardening: Cultivating a Green Thumb in Your Little Ones

Discover how to cultivate a green thumb in your little ones with this child-friendly indoor gardening guide, full of tips, tricks, and actionable steps for parents.

Creating a Plant-Centric Meditation Space: Connecting With Nature Indoors

Discover how to create a plant-centric meditation space with this guide, and learn how to connect with nature indoors, boost your mental and physical health, and enhance your mindfulness practice.

DIY Plant Stands: Stylish and Functional Displays for Your Indoor Garden

In this DIY plant stand guide, I take you through step-by-step instructions for creating stylish and functional displays for your indoor garden, using wood, metal frames, and other materials.

DIY Terracotta Pot Makeovers: Personalize Your Indoor Garden Containers

Easily transform your plain terracotta pots into personal statement pieces with these creative DIY ideas.

Houseplant Care by Season: Adapting Your Routine Throughout the Year

Learn how to take care of your houseplants according to the season with tips and tricks from a home and garden expert.

Houseplant Care for Travelers: Tips to Keep Your Plants Alive While You're Away

Learn tips and tricks from a professional landscaper and home renovation specialist to keep your houseplants healthy and alive even while you're away traveling.

Indoor Garden Photography: Tips for Capturing Your Green Oasis on Camera

Learn how to capture stunning indoor garden photography with useful tips and tricks on equipment, composition, lighting, camera settings, styling and editing.

Indoor Gardening Apps: Digital Tools for the Modern Plant Parent

Learn how indoor gardening apps can simplify tasks, personalize the growing experience, and improve the growth and health of your plants.

Indoor Plant Gifting: Share the Joy of Gardening With Friends and Family

Learn the benefits of indoor plant gifting for different occasions, how to choose the right indoor plant, caring for them, and where to purchase them with our indoor plant gifting guide.

Indoor Plants and Feng Shui: Harmonizing Your Home With Greenery

Learn how to harmonize your home through the principles of feng shui and indoor plants to create a more balanced and peaceful space.

Indoor Plants for Allergy Sufferers: Hypoallergenic Options for a Breath of Fresh Air

Learn about the benefits of hypoallergenic indoor plants for allergy sufferers and discover the top air-purifying and low-maintenance indoor plants to help you create a beautiful and healthy home.

Indoor Plants for Improved Productivity: Boost Your Home Office Environment

Learn how indoor plants can help improve work productivity in your home office, with our guide.

Miniature Indoor Gardens: Creating Small-Scale Green Spaces With Big Impact

Learn how to create beautiful miniature indoor gardens that can bring the refreshing green energy of nature into limited spaces with big impact.

Reviving Struggling Houseplants: How to Nurse Your Plants Back to Health

Learn how to identify the signs, understand reasons, and take steps to revive your struggling houseplants with our expert tips and DIY remedies.

The Language of Leaves: Decoding the Signs of Your Indoor Plants' Health

Learn to decode the signs of your indoor plants' health by understanding the language of leaves to ensure their wellbeing with these tips by garden enthusiast Scott.

The Magic of Marimo Moss Balls: A Unique Addition to Your Indoor Water Features

Learn about the magic of Marimo moss balls, a unique addition to your indoor water features – discover their benefits, care tips, and more.

The World of Houseplant Influencers: Follow These Plant Lovers for Inspiration

Discover the world of houseplant influencers and get inspired by following these popular indoor gardeners, interior designers, and plant care experts.

Unusual Indoor Plants: Unique and Eye-Catching Species to Grow at Home

Learn about the unique and new indoor plants species like Tillandsia, Pitcher plants, Calathea, Ferns, Succulent varieties, and Orchids to add life and color to your home space.

A Guide to Plant Parenting: Navigating the World of Indoor Gardening

Learn how to create and care for your own indoor garden with this guide to plant parenting, including choosing the right plants, setting up the garden area, and troubleshooting common issues.

Air Purifying Houseplants: The Best Options for Cleaner Indoor Air

Learn about the best air-purifying houseplants for a cleaner indoor air in my latest blog post.

Aquatic Plants: Enhance Your Indoor Water Features With Greenery

Learn how to enhance your indoor water features with greenery using aquatic plants - read our guide now for tips on choosing, maintaining and designing your indoor oasis.

Bonsai Basics: Cultivating the Ancient Art of Miniature Trees

Learn the basics of cultivating and caring for a Bonsai tree with the guidance of a professional landscaper and home renovation specialist.

Cacti and Succulents: A Comprehensive Guide to Water-Wise Gardening

Learn how to incorporate cacti and succulents into your water-wise gardening plan with Scott's comprehensive guide, including tips on proper soil type, watering techniques, propagation, and pest solutions.

DIY Green Walls: How to Create a Living Tapestry in Your Home

Learn how to create a vertical garden using the best plants to compliment your home while improving your air quality with a step-by-step guide.

DIY Indoor Planters: Creative and Sustainable Container Ideas

Learn how to create beautiful and eco-friendly indoor planters using upcycled household items, mason jars, terrariums, hanging planters, succulent gardens, and sustainable materials.

DIY Seed Starting: How to Germinate Seeds for Your Indoor Garden

Learn how to germinate seeds for your indoor garden with these DIY seed starting tips from a professional landscaper and home renovation specialist.

Drought-Tolerant Houseplants: Low-Water Options for Busy Gardeners

Learn about the top drought-tolerant houseplants and how to care for them in this informative post by a home and garden expert.

Fertilizing Fundamentals: Providing Essential Nutrients for Your Indoor Garden

Learn the basics of fertilizing indoor plants with this guide that explains types of fertilizers, when and how to fertilize, and tips for correcting over-fertilization.

Grow Your Own Indoor Edible Garden: Tips and Tricks for Success

Learn how to create your own indoor edible garden with the use of this guide we prepared which includes helpful tips and tricks to make it a success.

Houseplant Care: Top 10 Tips for Healthy, Thriving Plants

Learn the top 10 tips for keeping your houseplants healthy and thriving with these expert tips from a professional landscaper and home renovation specialist.

Houseplant Trends: Stay in Style With These Must-Have Plants

Stay on top of the latest houseplant trends with this guide to must-have plants for your home, written by a professional landscaper and home renovation specialist.

Indoor Composting: How to Create Nutrient-Rich Soil for Your Plants

Learn how to create nutrient-rich soil for your plants with this guide to indoor composting.

Indoor Flowering Plants: Brighten Your Home With Beautiful Blooms

Learn how to brighten up your home with indoor flowering plants and enjoy their numerous benefits with this beginner-friendly guide.

Indoor Fruit Trees: How to Grow Your Own Citrus and More

Learn how to grow your own indoor fruit trees, including citrus and tangerines, with this complete guide.

Indoor Garden Design: Tips for Creating a Beautiful Green Space

Transform your house into a lush green paradise with these indoor gardening design tips your plants will love!

Indoor Gardening 101: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Learn how to start your indoor garden as a beginner with this comprehensive guide on Indoor Gardening 101!

Indoor Gardening Tools: Must-Have Equipment for Plant Care

Learn about the top essential indoor gardening tools to help take proper care of your plants and promote healthy growth in your home.

Indoor Hanging Gardens: Creative Ways to Display Your Plants

Learn creative and unique ways to display your indoor hanging gardens and make your home look lively with my expert tips and advice.

Indoor Herb Gardening: A Flavorful Addition to Your Kitchen

Learn how to start your own flavorful and thriving indoor herb garden with this comprehensive guide by a home and garden enthusiast with years of expertise in horticulture, interior design, and home improvement.

Indoor Hydroponics: A Step-by-Step Guide to Soilless Gardening

Learn the benefits, essential components, and how-to steps of Indoor Hydroponics with a step-by-step guide on soilless gardening with me, Scott, a professional landscaper and home renovation specialist.

Indoor Medicinal Plants: Grow Your Own Natural Remedies at Home

Learn how to grow your own natural remedies at home by growing indoor medicinal plants such as Aloe vera, lavender, chamomile, echinacea, mint, ginger, thyme, and rosemary.

Indoor Plant Pests: Prevention, Identification, and Treatment

Learn how to prevent, identify and treat common indoor plant pests, such as aphids, spider mites, scale insects, and mealybugs, with this informative guide.

Indoor Plant Swaps: Cultivating a Thriving Plant Community

Learn how to choose the right indoor plants, prepare them, conduct the swap, and grow your own thriving plant community with tips and tricks from a professional landscaper and home renovation specialist in this post.

Indoor Plants for Better Sleep: Create a Soothing Bedroom Oasis

Discover the top indoor plants to keep in your bedroom for better sleep and create a soothing oasis that improves air quality and relaxes your body.

Living Art: Designing Indoor Plant Arrangements for Visual Impact

Learn how to create eye-catching indoor plant arrangements in your home with these tips and ideas for design and maintenance.

Low-Light Houseplants: Thriving Options for Dim Spaces

Discover the top 8 house plants that thrive in low-light environment and learn how to care for them with these helpful tips from a professional landscaper and home renovation specialist.

Microgreens: Grow and Harvest Nutritious Greens in Your Own Kitchen

Learn how to easily grow nutritious microgreens in your kitchen with this step-by-step guide, complete with tips on planting, lighting, and harvesting your own miniature greenspace.

Moss Art: Creating Unique, Low-Maintenance Indoor Green Spaces

Learn how to create unique, low-maintenance indoor green spaces with moss art - Tips and hints from a home and garden expert.

Nurturing Indoor Ferns: Tips for a Lush, Green Foliage Display

Learn how to properly care for indoor ferns with these tips and techniques from a professional landscaper and home renovation specialist.

Orchid Care: Tips for Growing and Maintaining Beautiful Blooms

Learn all you need to know about orchid care from Scott, a professional landscaper and home renovation specialist, and grow beautiful blooms.

Pet-Friendly Houseplants: Safe Options for Homes With Furry Friends

Learn about the top pet-friendly houseplants for homes with furry friends and the benefits of having them in your home, as well as how to keep your pets and plants safe together.

Plant Care Routines: Establishing Consistent Maintenance Habits

Learn how to create consistent plant care routines by following these helpful tips and strategies that will help you maintain a beautifully healthy garden.

Plant Parenthood: The Mental Health Benefits of Indoor Gardening

Discover how to improve your mental health with indoor gardening! Learn about the many benefits of plant parenthood and get started with our helpful guide.

Plant Styling: How to Showcase Your Indoor Garden With Flair

Learn how to showcase your indoor garden with flair with these helpful plant styling tips from a home and garden enthusiast with years of experience in horticulture, interior design, and home improvement.

Plant Support Systems: Stakes, Ties, and Other Essential Tools

Learn about different types of plant support systems like stakes, trellises, cages and nets, as well as ties, clips, hoops, and rings, and how to choose the appropriate plant support tools for your garden.

Propagation Techniques: Mastering the Art of Creating New Plants

In this blog post, I'll guide plant enthusiasts through different propagation techniques including seed collection, cuttings, division, and grafting that will help them create new, healthy plants.

Repotting Essentials: When and How to Give Your Plants a New Home

In this guide, I'll show you how to know when your plants need a new pot, how to choose one, repot your plant (without shocking it), and take care of it afterward.

Self-Watering Planters: A Convenient Solution for Indoor Gardeners

Learn how self-watering planters can help indoor gardeners save time and hassle, and discover the different types of self-watering planters available on the market.

Terrariums Uncovered: How to Create and Maintain a Miniature Ecosystem

Learn how to create and maintain a beautiful terrarium ecosystem in your home or office with this comprehensive guide by home and garden expert, Scott.

The Art of Pruning: Essential Techniques for Indoor Plant Maintenance

Learn essential techniques for indoor plant maintenance through this guide on the art of pruning indoor plants.

The Beauty of Epiphytes: Growing Air Plants and Other Unique Flora Indoors

Learn how to grow and care for unique indoor flora such as air plants, orchids, and bromeliads with this guide to epiphytes from a home and garden expert.

The Benefits of Biophilic Design: Incorporating Nature Into Your Home

Discover the benefits of biophilic design and learn how to incorporate nature into your home, thanks to expert home and garden enthusiast Scott's insight.

The Benefits of Indoor Vertical Gardening: Maximize Space and Style

Learn about the benefits of indoor vertical gardening, including maximizing space, enhancing home aesthetics, improving air quality, enjoying fresh produce year-round, accessible and cost-effective gardening.

The Best Houseplants for Air Filtering: Detoxify Your Home Naturally

Learn about the best houseplants for air filtering, how to choose them, and the benefits they provide in improving indoor air quality -- all from a home and garden enthusiast with years of experience.

The Role of Humidity in Indoor Gardening: How to Keep Your Plants Happy

Learn how to keep your indoor plants happy with the right humidity levels - read our comprehensive guide on indoor gardening humidity!

The Science of Soil: Understanding the Best Mix for Your Indoor Plants

Learn about the science of soil: Understanding the best mix for your indoor plants to make sure your green friends thrive!

Tropical Houseplants: Bring the Jungle Indoors With Exotic Flora

Discover the best tropical houseplants to bring the jungle indoors, with tips on care, decorating, propagation, and troubleshooting common problems.

Watering Wisdom: Proper Techniques for Hydrating Your Indoor Plants

Learn proper watering techniques for your indoor plants in this comprehensive guide, including choosing the right potting mix, watering frequency and techniques, water quality, proper drainage, and additional tips.

Window Gardens: Harnessing Natural Light for Indoor Plant Growth

Learn how to create a window garden and harness natural light for indoor plant growth with tips from a home and garden enthusiast.

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